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Just finished assembly of my Seawind RC sailboat. Made in China and one of the best quality models I've seen. Went sailing today and it works great.40460 SEAWIND. Home > PARTS & ACCESSORIES > Boats > YACHTS > 40460 SEAWIND. 40460 SEAWIND. Products (Total Items: 32). Price: Low to High .

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details are now published on the Kyosho America web site on the SeaWind page. The Perfex KT-21 radio transmitter is a single model 2.4 GHZ Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum, 4-channel unit with manual trims.京商<kyosho>を代表するラジオコントロールモデル(rc model)、ダイキャストミニカー、ロボット等々、大人のホビーに相応しい模型の世界のすべてをご紹介しています。.

Good question. Best is relative - I've posted some photos of a few home made versions that are pretty easy to make out of clevis ends used in RC aircraft.So you have just purchased a used Seawind, or perhaps you just cant seem to find your boats original owners manual. Never mind, you can download a replacement manual for your Seawind catamaran via one of the model links below.

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If I had come here first, I admit I would have purchased this boat instead of my Monsoon, not that the Monsoon isnt a great boat its just that the Seawind is better IMHO. But Im for the want of a better phrase an "RC Servant", that is, being really good at being into something while being a complete idiot about.Seawind rigging to show the centering "ring" does indeed move a bit and is adjustable.

京商<KYOSHO>を代表するラジオコントロールモデル(RC MODEL)、ダイキャストミニカー、 MODEL NAME, PARTS LIST, EXPLODED VIEW, QUICK START GUIDE, MAINTENANCE MANUAL, MANUAL SEAWIND readyset KT-431S, 892KB.Seawind RTS with 2.4GHz system Radio controlled Seawind by Kyosho ready, for sailing. Our entry level middle class model boat. The Seawind comes complete with radio control system, but not tuned.

sailboats from other classes or already a SeaWind owner. The Instruction Manual, completely re-written for the Ready set version is, as usual with Kyosho However in the field of Hobby Store RTR RC sailboats the SeaWind Readyset.Seawind, if not assembled and operated correctly, could possibly cause injury to yourself or spectators and damage to property. 2.Y ou must assemble the model according to the instructions.

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The Seawind One Design Class. Featured in Model Yachting #140, #169. Mike Eades Posing with SeaWind #86. Mike Eades' SeaWind #86, Predator .Seawind Sailboat with Main and Jib Sails, Boat Stand, extra details for static display, Instruction Manual, Radio, two Servos, Ballast.

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